Open Letter to the Editor of Lingua Franca

In "The Enemy Within," Lingua Franca, October 1998, page 9+, Vicki Hsueh, reported on, among other item, the review of German Americans in the World Wars, Saur, 1995, by Jeffrey Sammons in The German Quarterly, Winter 1998.

Hsueh, unfortunately, omitted two important facts. First, Joseph E. Fallon and Arthur D. Jacobs, not Professor Tolzmann, edited the volume, Volume 4, Sections 1-3, reviewed by Sammons. Second, it was Fallon and Jacobs who Sammons named and sought to refute.

In an attempt to refute the official documents presented by Fallon and Jacobs and which establish the incontrovertible fact that the U.S. Government interned Germans, German Americans, and German Latin American during World War II, Sammons violated academic standards and professional conduct. These violations include his libelous assertion that we are part of a conspiratorial "campaign" involved in "planting" stories in newspapers; his attributing of quotes that do not appear in the Fallon and Jacobs volume, his contradictory definitions, unsubstantiated accusations, and extensive misrepresentations.

At  Rebuttal  you may review the Fallon and Jacobs response to The German Quarterly. The German Quarterly generously offered to make an exception to its policy of not publishing rebuttals to reviews and allowed Fallon and Jacobs the opportunity to submit a reply of up to 500 words to its "Forum Section." Fallon and Jacobs had a difference of opinion, however, over the central issue to be addressed. Fallon and Jacobs believe the violation of academic standards and professional conduct by Sammons is the central issue.

Therefore, Fallon and Jacobs, decided to publish the rebuttal on the Internet at the URL noted previously. In addition, we encourage Lingua Franca to link to the foregoing URL.

Arthur D. Jacobs and Joseph E. Fallon
October 8, 1998